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CONCRETE COUNTERTOPS provide the warm earthy feel of natural stone. They don't look plastic & are not mass                                                            

DECORATIVE STAINING, EPOXY COATINGS, and CONCRETE OVERLAYS give a new colorful appearance to weathered and

FOUNDATION INSPECTIONS are especially important for anyone when looking to buy a home and for anyone else just wanting an

Call a contractor who has many years of experience in Decorative Concrete when unique home improvement ideas pop into your head!  

A Unique Look In Countertops!

Want Stylish Counters In Your Home?

produced like many products sold in big stores. They have a soft appearance yet are very strong & durable.  

deteriorated concrete. Make your floors & slabs easier to clean, protect them from wear & tear, and help them become stain & slip resistant.

experienced opinion on questionable issues with their basement. Inspections include a written report, discussion of repair ideas & a repair estimate if needed.  


I have over 30 years of experience pouring & inspecting foundations. My prices are fair & well worth the call.


The Color & Design Choices Are Endless!  Each Piece Is Truly A Work-Of-Art!  

Concrete Countertops are as stain, scratch & heat resistant as any other countertops. Costs are comparable to quartz & granite and they are constructed in my shop so there is no mess in your home.  

Don't just put up with damaged or discolored floors & slabs. Sprucing up existing concrete by staining, epoxys or overlays is usually no more expensive than other methods when done properly.