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FOUNDATION INSPECTIONS are important before making an offer on a home. Most home inspectors see a problem but don't have the experience to address it. I have inspected many foundations in my 35 years of pouring basements.

• Structural Integrity – cracks, signs of wall movement and settling

• Moisture Problems – dampness, leakage and high water table

• Tile / Sump Conditions – tile and sump pit location, pump inspection

• Exterior Drainage – proper yard slope and downspout conditions

• Other Inspections – surface damage in floors, driveways, porches, sidewalks and more

• Written Report

• Repair Quotes Available

Professional foundation inspection services:

Quality foundation inspections

You'll know your home is worth what you're asking with our quality inspections and repairs.

Dependable and experienced work you'll be proud of too.


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Many foundation problems can be solved without major costs or replacement. I will provide you with a common sense / non biased discussion & report.  


Call me for an estimate then let me do a complete foundation inspection before you buy.

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