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DECORATIVE FLOORING products from Timber Creek Enterprise, Inc. are designed for every application and have sealants made for every type of protection you'll need, whether it's a residential, commercial, agricultural or industrial setting!

Don't cover up concrete floors with cheaper products that don't require much prep work or floor tiles that can crack & loosen or carpet that traps moisture & mold. Do it right the first time using quality products made to enhance & improve your existing concrete.  


Preparation of the substrate surface is very important. Grinding the existing concrete to allow for good adhesion is required when there is a smooth troweled finish. This is generally the expensive part of the project but if it is not done properly before applying any coatings the bonding will fail over time. Exterior slabs where there has been no troweling done usually can be acid etched in preparation for staining or applying coatings.


Whether applying concrete stains, epoxy coatings or a concrete overlay your existing concrete floors or slabs will take on a new look. Always consider repairing & reconditioning your concrete first before replacement.

Flooring products include:

Dependable and experienced work you'll be proud of too.



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• Water Based Stains

• Acid Stain

• Epoxy Coatings

• Polymer Cements

• Concrete Overlays

• Protective Topcoats

• Protective Sealants

Select the right application for your floor:

• Basement Floors

• Garage Floors

• Porches & Steps

• Entryways

• Sidewalks

• Driveways

• Machinery Sheds

• Automotive Shops

• Retail Businesses

• Manufacturing Areas

• Food Kitchens

• Warehouses

Want A Heated Floor?  Electric heat wires can be placed then a colorful and textured thin concrete overlay can be applied over an existing concrete floor or a plywood subfloor.

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