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Installing new countertops to your kitchen or bath cabinets can be a very

CONCRETE COUNTERTOPS have an individuality to them. They provide a natural

Benefits of concrete countertops:

Dependable and experienced work you'll be proud of too.


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• Kitchen counters

• Island tops

• Bath vanites w/ integral sinks

• Desk tops

• Bar tops

• Fireplace surrounds

• Patio tops

• Entertainment area tops                                                                                                                                                                                                    

• Color veins

• Marbling and burnishing techniques  

• Multiple color techniques  

• Color splashes

• Decorative aggregates

• Colored glass

• Mirror glass

• Terrazzo finish

• Fiber optic lighting (looks great in bar tops)  

• Embeded objects can include - plaques, flat

  1. Soft natural stone appearance  

  2. Colors and designs that exceed what granite and quartz can provide

  3. Costs are comparable to other solid surface tops including quartz and granite  

  4. They weight no more than granite  

  5. Very high PSI and flexural strength  

  6. All work is performed off-site - no mess in your home  

  7. Easily conforms to any shape or size desired  

  8. No maintenance required - easy to keep clean  

  9. Repairs are easily done and the entire piece can be resealed if ever necessary  

  10. Keepsakes and other objects can be embeded in the top  

Great locations for

concrete countertops:                                      

Customized countertop design and coloration:

The cement materials I use are made from natural ingredients and are specifically designed for Concrete Countertops. No toxic glues, resins, epoxys or radon carrying materials are used and brought into your home. The mix attains early strength, is high in fiber and does not shrink crack.


The sealants I use are designed to be applied to concrete countertops and help give the natural stone feel. They resist scratches and staining very well and have a high heat tolerance. Use mild detergents to clean. Food grade waxes and furniture polish help maintain an even shine.    


There are a few myths about Concrete Countertops and Home Improvement programs on TV will show them being poured in place on the cabinets when it's not necessary.  


I cover most of the state with my Countertops. Call me and we'll discuss your ideas then I'll bring photos and samples along when we get together. Put our 30 years' experience to work at your home or business with a concrete countertop!


We chose concrete for our kitchen countertops because we wanted something unique and different.  We are very happy with the look we were able to get.  

Grant -  Marshalltown, Ia.  

When we finished our family room after I researched different materials I decided on concrete for around the wood stove and for our two narrow countertops.  We are very pleased with the decision as the concrete really added to the look I wanted.

Kathy -  Marshalltown, Ia.  

wood countertop Wooden cabinet with granite countertop

Russ Paul of Timber Creek Enterprise, Inc. just completed installing concrete countertops in my re-modeled kitchen. They are beautiful!  Russ worked with me to pick out just the right color & design for the project.  I live in a log home and these countertops added just the finishing touch to my new hickory cabinets!  He is a perfectionist & cares about the final look as if it were going in his own home.  I couldn't be happier with the finished look.  

JoAnne B. -  Alta Vista, Ia.  

I really like the concrete countertops from Timber Creek.  The concrete tops complemented our home well in our newly remodeled kitchen.  We integrated stone, oak & lastly the concrete countertops to give it the warmth we were looking for.  

Brian -  Marshalltown, Ia.    

People now choose concrete countertops for the same reason they

handcrafted look and soft feel by using a variety of colors, textures and designs. You will not find countertops like yours when visiting other homes. They never look cheap or like they are made of plastic.  

once chose granite - to create a unique style in their kitchen and bath as well as fireplace and bar areas.  

effective way to transform the look in your home.    

stones, personal artifacts, illuminated objects

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